Thinking of the Future Today

Why don’t we stop waiting for the future to come to us?
EV by Prozza is a future that can be used today. It is our solution to problems such as ever increasing CO2, noise and fuel prices, as well as the disappearance of gasoline stations in less-populated areas due to reduced market size.

However, fact remains that there are many issues to be addressed in spreading the popularity of EVs, such as insufficient charging stations, short running distance compared to gasoline-powered vehicles, and price differences. Millet is an electric motorbike that can be charged from household outlet. Pecolo is an E-trike developed with the objective of reducing pollution and noise at Philippine resorts. These are the results of our passion to overcome the issues we have on hand and offer a new joy by vehicles to consumers in view of the future. Our comfortable and clean drive has given many people smiling faces and lifestyle that beautifully harmonizes with the global environment; and these vehicles offer a pleasant ride in the towns and cities of today.

Thinking of the future today.

With our most advanced technology and spirit of challenge, our mission is to transform tomorrow to be a more pleasant while pursuing the product making that bring joy to our customers.

The “Pro” in Prozza comes from PROSTAFF and “z” represents the end of the internal-combustion engine. Prozza, born from adding “a“ to them, is our promise for the beginning of the EV age. We will continue to create a better future for EV along with our customers.

Representative Director


Corporate Information

Profile Prostaff Co.,Ltd. (Prozza EV Business Division)
Representative Director Norizo Hirose
Telephone +81-(0)586-72-0093
Main Office Location 25-1 Omori, Niwa, Aichi 491-0083 (Japan)
Domestic Offices Ichinomiya EV Centera
Capital 100,000,000 yen
Affiliates Prostaff Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Prostaff EV Co., Ltd. (China)
Taiwan Prostaff Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Prozza Hirose Manufacturing Inc. (Philippines)


DNA from the establishment of the company leads the age of technical development for tomorrow

Our history goes back to 1929, when Kenji Takehara was commissioned by Dainippon Spinners Co., Ltd. (currently Unitika Ltd.) to design, manufacture and install all of its machinery at the time of its establishment. At the time, there were no computers or sensors, and spinning and weaving machinery that controlled complicated processes with just machine mechanisms were considered the cutting-edge technology. The attitude of engineers that pursue the most advanced technology is handed down to our engineers of today as the DNA for technical development. During WWII, the company was put in charge of making takeoff and landing devices for the Navy Type 0 Carrier Fighter with our advanced metal processing technology.
We were also involved in the manufacturing of parts for CABTON, a motorcycle maker known for its unique muffler.
While we have accumulated diverse know-how in the process, we have been putting effort into the manufacture of products sought at the time.

Takehara-Model Ring Twister

Product making that bring joy to our customers cultivated through automobile part manufacturing and DNA for new market development

 The company began business as Takehara Kikai Seisakusho after the end of WWII, shifted the business to the manufacture and sale of industrial machinery and equipment, and contributed to the recovery and growth of domestic industry after the war. We also found a new market in motorization that showed significant growth. By 1968, the company established an automobile parts business department and commenced research and development of automobile equipment. Kiiro-Bin, an oil film remover for automobile windows is a long selling product that was developed at about this time. In an age where the increase in the number of automobiles led to an increase in dangerous car accidents, removal of oil film on glass had become a solution to low visibility problems. The entire sales staff put its full effort into demonstrations for sales, which led to an increase in customers and later expanded the market nationwide.
 The current representative director of Prozza is Norizo Hirose, and he was one of the sales team that traveled around Japan. He looks back at those days: “We visited gasoline stations with glass plates stained with oil film and Kiiro-Bin, and demonstrated how our product is able to remove oil film that products from other companies couldn’t. Kiiro-Bin had been a product manufactured by a company that they never heard of, and in the beginning we were shunned. We had, however, a strong passion to convey that use of this product could protect drivers from unfortunate accidents. Our passion to contribute to the safety of drivers supported our effort.” Creating products appreciated by customers is our ongoing mission, and the pride that enabled us to develop 1,000 items at production centers spread worldwide and sent them out to the automotive aftermarket.
And our pride is handed down to younger employees as DNA for manufacturing, product development and strict quality control that will not disappoint customer expectations. We are confident that this is the key to finding new markets.

Our salesman, Hirose, giving a demonstration at Car Shop Home Center

Our first product for automobile was Kiiro-Bin (Name at initial sale was Bikkurin)

Inherited DNA Establishment of Prozza

 Looking back at the history of our endeavor, it is a history of problems encountered and effort to solve them. And today, as we stand at the beginning of the 21st century, the urgent issue we face is the preservation of the global environment.
 The establishment of EV Operations Division in 2008 was the first step of our endeavor to find solutions. However, even the gentlest of environmentally-friendly products will not be accepted by the market if its use requires advance infrastructure or if the price is too high. Hirose got a hint in Shanghai where we built an automobile parts factory. “Every time I visit, I see more and more motorcycles being transformed into electric-powered ones. EV is not a thing of the future anymore, but a product that has become common to the public.” In other words, EV, that we should be developing, can be used commonly by anyone, offering a new joy with bicycles and automobiles. It gives off no exhaust gas and it is quiet, so quiet that riders can hear birds chirping. The development of the electric motorbike began with such a thought. It started with a strong motivation to offer a new joy to our customers.
 In 2009, our first electric motorbike, the EV-R55, was developed. It was followed in 2010 by the Millet, a scooter with pedals. Its light appearance and 12 color variations attracted the attention of the press, which led to success in finding new fashion conscious women and customers seeing a quiet and clean ride. On the other hand, our challenge for the pursuit of higher performance continued. In 2011, our motorbike successfully finished and won 5th place in the Isle of Man TT Race as the first entry from Japan. We have acquired know-how in high capacity batteries and high output motors that widen the field for EVs. In 2012, responding to the call from Philippines to find solutions for the exhaust gas problem, the E-trike, Pecolo, with seating for 7 passengers, was developed with the know-how accumulated. Around Cebu Island where the local factory stands, Pecolos are seen running here and there along the blue oceanfront.

First try from Japan by electric motorbike. Successfully finished and won 5th place.


Prozza History

History of Takehara Prostaff Age

1919 April
Takehara Tekkosho is established in Ichinomiya City, Aichi
1920 February
Manufacture and sale of Takehara-Model Ring Twister commences
1946 July
Head office and factory relocated to Inuyama due to war damage
1946 July
Becomes involved in CABTON motorcycle manufacturing
1952 December
Takehara Kikai Seisakusho is established for the manufacture and sale of industrial machinery and equipment
1965 December
The Takehara Kikai Seisakusho’s trade name is changed to Takehara Corporation
1975 May
Manufacture and sale of automobile parts commences
2003 September
Shanghai Basta Auto Accessory Co., Ltd. in China established
2004 February
Shanghai Basta Trading Co., Ltd. in China established
2005 October
Mama Pairs (Later renamed Prozza) established
2005 November
Capital increased to 100 million yen
2006 May
Ichinomiya Logistic Center in Oku-cho, Ichinomiya City opens
2008 May
The Takehara Corporation’s trade name changed to Prostaff

History of Prozza Age

2008 September
EV Operations Division in Prostaff is established
2008 November
Denki Norimono Kan (Showroom for Prostaff) is established
2009 January
EV Center opens in Kaizu City, Gifu
2009 March
Sale of electric-powered scooter commences
2010 October
EV Center relocates to Ichinomiya City
2011 June
Participate in the Isle of Man TT Zero Race and wins 5th place
2011 July
Taiwan Prostaff Co., Ltd. is established as EV base in Taiwan
2011 September
Shanghai Prostaff EV Co., Ltd. is established in Shanghai
2012 February
Prozza Hirose Manufacturing Inc. as EV production center is established in Philippines
2013 May
Prostaff EV operation separates and establishes Prozza as an affiliate
2015 June
E-Trike "Pecolo" starts to run in Laos (JICA.Verification Survey)
2016 October
New model E-TukTuk starts to run in Laos (MOEJ.Advanced Low-Carbon Technology Innovation for Deployment in Developing Countries)
2016 December
Terminates production and sales of domestic electric scooters and condense to overseas EV business
2018 March
Absorbed and merged by parent company and becomes Prozza Division of Prostaff