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E-TukTuk Pilot Project Starts In Pakse, Southern Laos

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Prozza Co., Ltd

E-TukTuk Pilot Project Starts In Pakse, Southern Laos

 Prozza Co., Ltd (Head office: Ichinomiya City, Aichi, Japan. Representative Director: Norizo Hirose) has developed a new model electric tricycle and launch a pilot project in Pakse, the southern city of Laos. The town is looking forward to shifting from the ordinary public transportation – tuktuks and sidecars, gradually to the environmental friendly “E-TukTuk”.

 There are 3 types of new model vehicles – for passengers, for passengers & cargo, and for cargo. 2 of each type, which makes 6 units in total were introduced to Pakse. These vehicles are developed with the same platform, and the seat layouts can be modified according to different purpose. Furthermore, the new model is smaller and lighter in size comparing to the ordinary vehicles and is suitable for running on narrow lanes with small number of passengers. The development project of this new model “E-TukTuk” is financially supported by ”Financing Programme to Demonstrate Advanced Low-Carbon Technology Innovation for Further Deployment in Developing Countries” by Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOEJ). The target is to reduce GHG emissions through diffusion of electric tricycles in Laos.

 During this pilot project, data on the adaption of the locals, the driving distance, the charge frequency and the usage of batteries will be collected, and the opinions of drivers and passengers will also be surveyed. These information will be dedicated to the final amendment and improvement for mass production.

E-TukTuk (For Passengers)


                   E-TukTuk (Control Panel)                 E-TukTuk (Seats for Passengers)


                  E-TukTuk (For Cargo)                        E-TukTuk (Cargo Deck)


              E-TukTuk Running in Streets of Pakse             Airport Pickup by E-TukTuk


                  Delivery Ceremony to DPWT            Orientation for Drivers at TukTuk Association

■Efforts Regarding Electric Tricycle Diffusion in Laos

 In Laos, over 90% of electricity power is generated by hydropower, whereas the imports of petroleum always has a significant portion in the trade deficit. Base on this background, Laos is promoting the replacement of petroleum. 14 units of E-TukTuk manufactured by Prozza were introduced to the World Heritage City Luag Prabang through the demonstration project instructed by JICA in 2015.

 In line with Savannakhet, Pakse is the second largest city in Laos, with many overseas tourists visiting temples in the near area. At present, the main transportation for locals and tourists are the sidecar called “Samulo” and the vehicle with 1 front wheel and 2 rear wheels called “tuktuks”, but there is an increasing need for a greener and safer transportation.

 ”Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST) Forum in Asia” is going to be held in the capital city Vientiane in March 2017. Laos is showing a proactive attitude towards promoting EV.


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【Corporate Information】

Company Name :Prozza Co., Ltd(Prozza Co.,Ltd.)

Address :25-1 Omori, Niwa, Aichi 491-0083 (Japan)

Representative Director :Norizo Hirose

Established in :October 2005

Capital :30,000,000 yen

May 2013, Prostaff EV operation separates and establishes Prozza as an affiliate. Being a pioneer company in the electric scooter market in Japan, Prozza starts to engage in the electric tricycle business in Southeast Asia these years, and set up a mass production factory in Cebu, The Philippines. In order to solve the problems about battery charging time and place when using an EV, Prozza promotes the swapping style Lithium-ion batteries and battery exchange station, and dedicates to develop vehicles which suits the locals’ needs. The vision of Prozza is to create a society full of Earth and people friendly vehicles through EV business.