World of EV beginning with Pecolo, the automobile for the people in Philippines

Pecolo’s Movie



Driving Performance

  • Hill Climbing

    The vehicle can handle steep slopes up to 15°.

  • Reverse

    Powered reverse with the flick of a switch means anyone can easily reverse the vehicle.
    For safety, a reverse light comes on when in reverse.

  • Parking Brake

    A parking brake, which comes stan- dard, is useful when parking, or stopping and starting on a slope. The parking brake indicator light lets the operator know the brake is on.

  • Removable Battery

    The use of a lithium-ion battery allows for a lighter, more compact design and the option to change out batteries. This solves the problem of not being able to use the vehicle during recharging.

  • Brake System
    (Front / Rear Independent Brakes)

    Front and rear brakes are independent of each other, which avoids trouble caused when both the front and rear wheels lock up. The front brake is hand-operated while the rear brake is foot-operated, making it easy to get familiar with the controls.

  • Rough Road

    The front wheel is mounted on an Earles fork, and the rear wheels independently conform to rough road. As well, the stable design reduces lateral shaking.

  • Regenerative Braking

    Regenerative braking slows the vehicle down and feeds energy back to the battery, thus re-charging it.

  • Large Wheels / Tire

    With a 16-inch front and 13-inch rear wheels, the design boosts performance and increases passen- ger comfort over rough road.


  • Easy of Operation

    Gages are arranged clearly, with improved visibility and safety.
    Proprietary technological design makes the handlebars easy to turn and maneuverable.

  • Flood Protection

    The layout places the drive compo- nents high in the vehicle, keeping them clear of water in flood condi- tions.

  • Lighting

    Regulation-compliant lighting are used to ensure perfect visibility at night or on overcast weather.

  • Emergency Stop Switch

    To make the vehicle even safer, an easy-to-use emergency stop switch is placed in the cockpit for when it is needed. The switch shuts down all power.


  • Wipers / Wiper Motors

    Wipers clear away water/dirt for safe operation in the rain. The vehicle is even equipped with a windshield washer.

  • DC12 V Socket

    DC 12 V socket provides a low power source that can be used for recharging cell phones, etc.

  • Cabin Lights

    The Pecolo comes with standard low-power LED cabin lights that can brighten the interior with a single throw of the switch, useful when loading/unloading passengers or for crime prevention.

Useful Features

  • Spacious Passenger Seating

    The roomy interior is designed to provide enough space for tall or large-bodied passengers to ride in comfort.

  • Body Keeps Out Rain

    The roof and window frames are shaped to channel rain away and help keep water from the interior.

  • Ventilated Design

    Large openings on either side of the driver's seat and passenger compartment, and at the rear, allow the air to flow and keep the occupants comfortable.


Battery Replacement Station

Battery Replacement Station

Battery replacement completed in 3 minutes. Battery Replacement Station

Pecolo with low battery can have the battery taken off and replaced.
Replacement with fully-charged battery will enable another run immediately. Replacement of battery takes only 3 minutes.


Pecolo’s Specifications

Name Pecolo
Length 2,880mm
Width 1,540mm
Height 1,880mm
Wheelbase 1,890mm
Total Weight 418kg
Capacity Seven (six passengers)
Max Load 560kg
Max Speed 40km/h※
Range 40km※
Climbing Ability 15°※
Turning Radius 3.6m
Motor 4.9 kW three-phase induction motor
Drive System Direct drive systema
Front Brake Disk (handle)
Rear Brake Drum (foot)
Parking Brake Rear drum
Front Suspension Earles fork
Rear Suspension Swing arm

※Mileage Estimate<constant speed test value>

Control System

Electrical regeneration system
Regeneration system activates during braking
Acceleration reduction control if vehicle slips backwards on a slope

Failsafe systems
Vehicle will not move if power is switched on and the direction switch is in a non-neutral position
Direction switch cannot be moved to opposite direction at speeds over 10 km/h, forward or reverse

Standard Equipment

Reverse lights and buzzer
Wipers (with washer tank)
Cabin lights
DC 12 V cigarette lighter port

Optional Accessories

Type : 48V60Ah Lithium Ion Battery

Battery Management System : Monitors voltage/temperature on each cell; protects cell if anomalies detected

Cycle Life : Approx. 1000 charges under standard use (70% of original capacity)

Battery Charger

Type : 48V20A
Cable : Input line 1.8m , Output line 1.8m

Rain Guard

Side , Rear(PVC)

Battery Exchange

Up to 8 batteries can be charged in

Charging Time: 3 to 4 hours

With battery management monitor
With counter function

1,443mm(W) x 1,573mm(H) x 1,187mm(D)

※As of January, 2014. The actual specifications shall be subject to change.